Who We Are


I started working with individuals who were going through a divorce in the mid-2000s. As an increasing number of local attorneys referred clients, I began to see some trends around financial settlements. One is how assets are divided. Often, one spouse (usually the wife) would receive the family home, but without the necessary cash flow or assets to maintain it. Years down the road I saw many women being put in the position of having to sell their home in order to raise working capital.

I felt that lop-sided settlements stemmed from the fact that I would help a client after the settlement negotiations had already completed, or the Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) was already drafted. I was brought into help towards the end of the process rather than from the start.

Over the last 13 years I have developed the expertise to serve individuals going through a divorce, developing a pre-nup, post nup or cohabitation agreement. I attained my Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CFDA®) certification and have taken 100+ hours of classes in collaborative divorce, child support, parenting plans, and mediation. I have taken the Rhode Island and Vermont divorce mediation courses in addition to basic, intermediate and advanced mediation. I also use specialized software programs which allow me to provide an analysis of different settlement options and what those options may look like for the an individual going though divorce in the short-, mid-, and long-term.


To keep costs down, and to preserve assets, there are options outside of the legal system that help navigate the divorce process. This is what we do.

Attorneys know about the law, but with specialized training as a CFDA®, mediator and collaborative neutral, I bring financial clarity, creativity, and confidence into the settlement negotiation.