My Divorce Ally Mediation

Mediation Services

Michelle is a trained mediator having taken over 100+ hours of mediation training.

Her function as a mediator is not to make decisions but rather to help the couple reach their own solutions. She does this by creating a comfortable space where communication is productive, and each person can listen to the others concerns and interests.

Oftentimes, an individual may come to the meeting with a set idea or need. As a skilled mediator, Michelle can help move the discussion along and smooth the path to compromise. This can be done either in a joint session (when both parties are present) or in separate individual discussions.

As the couple moves towards agreement, as the mediator, Michelle will track agreements made and help in the drafting of proposals and the final agreement.

In a mediated pre-nup, divorce or post-nup, Michelle is impartial and provides strict neutrality during the process. She strongly believes that a major benefit to using mediation is that the process embraces creativity and couples are free to come up with solutions that fit their specific situation. This all happens with her guidance and support.